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  • raetara
  • Hi
  • My Name Is Raven I'm A Shy Gamer Who Is Bad At Games But I Still Love To Play Them. I Mostly Play On My Xbox One But I Also Have A Switch. When I'm Not Gaming I'm Mostly Watching Youtube. Just Looking For Gamer Friends And If It Turns Into Something More Like Dating That's Fine, I Mostly Stay In The House But I Do Go For Walks Almost Everyday. If You Want To Know More Just Ask.
  • 25 years old | Warrensville Heights, OH, USA

  • lillianmarie
  • Healer LF Tank
  • Healer LF Tank I love to game! My Currently Played Games Are as Follows: WoW, D3, SWTOR, 7 Days to Die(steam), Dayz(steam), Terrria(steam), Rust(steam), Orion: Prelude(steam), H1Z1(steam), F3AR 3(steam), All Borderlands games(steam), Skyrim(steam), Torchlight 1&2(steam), and Arma III Exile Mod many others! I Have Health issues And a Kid (NO the father isnt in the picture or why else would I ...
  • 31 years old | Kissimmee, FL, USA

  • dreamraven
  • i have been a gamer since i was a lil kid i've always enjoyed video games since i first played on the atari, since then i have worked my way up to the playstation 3 and one day will get the playstation 4
  • 38 years old | Salina, KS, USA

  • fatsypatsy
  • 63 years old | Rural Area, ME, USA

  • peekabooparker
  • Lover of video game and card/board games I am a single 32 female in search of friends, dating, possible relationship with people of similiar interests..
  • 36 years old | Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • yukiko
  • Simply put, I am a hardcore gamer.
  • Simply put, I am a hardcore gamer. I own a lot of systems including the 3DS, 64, 360, 2600, DC, DS, Game & Watch (Mario Bros.), GB Color, GBA SP, GC, GEN, GG, PS, PS2, PS3 (Fattie & Slim), PSP (1000 & 3000 series), PS Vita, NES, SNES, and the Wii.
  • 33 years old | Red Lion, PA, USA

  • leirioessa02
  • I'm an ultra-girly, skirt-wearing, bi blue-eyed blonde with hair so long I have to move it before I sit. I have a loving, secure, open marriage with my husband of 8 yrs. I'm not here for sex, I'm here because I'm kind of clingy and like to be around people. I'm looking for someone who's open to a new friendship with poly options on the table. Just want a pen-pal? I'm okay with that. I send long em...
  • 32 years old | Spokane, WA, USA

  • kawaiikitsune
  • I love to play lol 24/7
  • 19 years old | subotica, Serbia

  • echo87
  • 0 years old | Stillwater, United States

  • calabash
  • 0 years old | ,

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