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Bisexual Cisgender Female
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  • opalsparks
  • I am an amateur artist who needs more friends. Maybe something more. I have a difficult time with dating, because I am a little awkward in the beginning.
  • 22 years old | Willis, TX, USA

  • leirioessa02
  • I'm an ultra-girly, skirt-wearing, bi blue-eyed blonde with hair so long I have to move it before I sit. I have a loving, secure, open marriage with my husband of 8 yrs. I'm not here for sex, I'm here because I'm kind of clingy and like to be around people. I'm looking for someone who's open to a new friendship with poly options on the table. Just want a pen-pal? I'm okay with that. I send long em...
  • 33 years old | Spokane, WA, USA

  • yandedoki
  • 22 years old | Philadelphia, United States

  • urbanartist
  • 22 years old | Lake Charles, United States

  • jaqcat96
  • 23 years old | Coquitlam, Canada

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