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  • ling96
  • Ling Wow gamer who enjoys healing pvp, I like tennis, anime, music, and running. I am a dog person. Also always pushing for constant self improvement
  • 23 years old | Mesquite, TX, USA

  • bangi
  • I'm someone who games a lot so it's important to me to find someone who enjoys videogames as well. I like to hang out with friends, party, go to concerts, but really most of all play videogames!
  • 24 years old | Irving, TX, USA

  • morjas
  • 43 years old | Enid, OK, USA

  • thegorg
  • Looking for someone as passionate about the games they enjoy as I am about mine. rnrnCuddling doesnt hurt either
  • 23 years old | City of London, United Kingdom

  • upaut
  • To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for, just what I'm not looking for. Currently, I'm a fairly high level crafter in FFXIV (Coeurl). I also have 7 sets of Munchkin, a PS4, PS3, PSVita, PSP, 3DS, and a boxed up Wii. I don't always geek out over gaming.
  • 39 years old | Renton, WA, USA

  • aelfscine
  • 40 years old | All of OK, USA

  • phaz000
  • Gamer looking for gamer to share time with. Yea baby.. it's all about me.. ALLLLL about me.. that.. and I don't know what else to say.. I was such a deprived child.. Look at me now!.. I'm a depraved individual! heh. Mainly a PS4 gamer, but I'm open to other systems. =oP I want someone to game with and maybe something more. I am an animal lover of all kinds, more so then a people lover. umm. One th...
  • 38 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • pocketspaghetti
  • I
  • I Is there any way to write an 'about me' without sounding like a total tool? I play PC games and enjoy esports, so I play and watch a lot of SC2, LoL, Diablo, etc. Just finished high school and I'm going to college to major in math; I like it. Anyway send me a message if you wanna play some vidya or mayhaps more.
  • 25 years old | Rural Area, MI, USA

  • allredsr
  • hello
  • I am laid back transgender looking for others
  • 43 years old | Abbeville, SC, USA

  • cothax
  • Adult Student and Gamer While I'm open to friendships, a lot of it has to be based on a number of things. Being a tolerable human being is certainly a good start. This is hard enough with enjoying video games, considering things like Gamer Gate rule our culture. I play games like EVE Online, Battlefield, Guild Wars 2, and Skyrim. Mostly, I've been replaying Skyrim these days throwing in other game...
  • 32 years old | Omaha, NE, USA

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