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This place is empty like Bush's skull.

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Posted:     Post subject: This place is empty like Bush's skull.

Ahh so much could be done on this thread but we don't have a single topic. Well I can hope to contribute a little at least. First, a few jokes of my own, and I'm not much of a jokester so brace yourself... .

What is Big Boss's favorite Breakfast?
Solid Snakes.

What is Samus's favorite website?

How many of Castlevania's zombies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None, are you daft? You use a evil maid to do that!

What is Ness's prefered form of transportation?
PK Thunder (Super smash brothers if you don't know what I mean )

Shredder and a Goomba walk into a bar. The bartender looks them over and shouts out, "We don't serve turtle soup or Hallucinigens here!

Megaman's Rush broke out on highway 339X much to his regret and he was forced to call a tow service. After several hours of waiting he caught sight of a tow-truck that came along... Who was the driver? (Answer down below.)

What do robot master's dream of?
Having their own army of Wily's to beat around.

Please rate and critisize on my jokes as harshly as you desire, this is just to bring a little something to the table so there's.. something.

(Some fun webcomics to take a look at (Assuming you haven't seen any of them already))
8-bit theater (removed)

Captain snes (removed)

bob and george (With several sub-comics hosted on the site) (removed)

The Noob (removed)

Goblins (removed)

The Last Days of Foxhound (removed)

Property of Gwen (removed)

Dungeon Crawl Inc. (removed)

Gone wit h the Blastwave (removed)

Exiern (removed)

AlienDice (removed)

Alfheim (removed)

Partially Clips (removed)

(Michelin Man)

Strange observation #351 Just what is Mario and luigi keeping under their hats to keep their craniums safe while bopping all those blocks with their noggin power?
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July 12, 2009
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`lol the jokes were cheesy but, they were funny cheesy, thanks for the links to the webcomics
heres one to add to it


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former member default image - bird flying away

Posted:     Post subject:

`Since this is a network for game geeks i suppose you people might find this funny...


Or not. But i for one love quality You Tube Poops...

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November 26, 2010
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`good jokes man love that first one as MGS (all of them even the nes one) is one of my fav game enjoyed the links happy gaming to all and to all a gamenight

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