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CODENAME Everquest Next

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Posted:     Post subject: CODENAME Everquest Next

If you don't know what i'm talking about in the subject and you are an MMORPG fan you are failing right now..... I just wanna talk a few minutes about this game and how I feel like this is thier ticket back into the spotlight which was givin to wow because of SOE's mistakes.
Due to the recent hacks on sony and its games they are going to be shutting down ALOT of the side projects they currently have going and turn thier attention on Planetside 2 and CODENAME Everquest next. This is amazing news and i'm so glad Sony is pulling thier head outta thier butt. This franchise was number one at one time and there is NO reason EQ can't be on top again. Also along with that we have Planetside 2 a FPSMMorpg to battle the infamous upcoming blizzard mmo in development.
Everquest was the number 1 mmorpg in it's time and was the game that truely gave birth to the genre. Please don't post if you feel different because it's just the solid truth HANDS DOWN. Developers from EQ actually MADE World of Warcaft and other new age MMOs. I am a huge fan of blizzard and what they have accomplished in thier developing career. No need to flame me. This reason why wow became what it was is because of Everquest 2 and its s---ty release.
This game is suppose to take place not in the time frame of the first two but it is a parellel universe of Norrath itself. This is great news because they don't have to follow a timeline and can create the game HOW they want the lore to go.
They are going to be useing a new graphics engine created by SOE themselves which is called FORAGE LIGHT. We are suppose to see complete facial expressions for everything they do and emote. The roleplaying aspect is going to be top notch and it will be very interesting to see what other companies do in repsonse to this. This is just the tip of the ice berg for me because nothing matters to me more than our enviroment and gameplay.
The gameplay is going to take us back a few years in MMO evolution. Expect to work hard for your character and be proud of your accomplishments. It's being aimed towards adults and/or not the younger community of mmo gamers. We will NEVER see a TRUE hardcore mmo like EQ was. No corpse runs or No regards to solo and casual gameplay. You will be able solo and enjoy your character if your a casual player. This game is REALLY going to reward veteran and lengthy gameplay. We will see a NEW AGE hardcore mmo. Which isnt what it used to be BUT will definatly be no cake walk in itself. I for one am completly ready for this title are YOU? Too bad we have a 2-3 year wait....

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