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Samusfan461's Blog Just to keep this one different.
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2015-11-18 02:21:09.

Well there's some odd glitchyness with the wordpress blog. It had an error when saving, then I went to the blog section and it's still there. Okay. So I am editing this one so there is but not two copies of the same mindless rant. So what shall I put in here? A thought. Randomization is one of the big cruxes in video-game development history. It's been a design choice for many games throughout history, but it's been obviously growing more wanted and bigger and bigger in these latest... No comments



Samusfan461's Blog Must Win all the Dark SOUUulss.
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2015-11-18 02:19:12.

Well it's been mostly Dark Souls 2 that I purchased recently, alongside Diablo 3, both for my 360. I had been playing Zombi U considerably for a bit but I've pretty much played it out, though I may go back to it in a few weeks to squeeze a little more joy before I send it to pasture. Diablo 3 is fun, not as enjoyable as 2 but I find this console version to be fairly solid. I'd go on a rant but I'm not in the mood. Now Dark Souls 2... holy crap. Specifically I bought Dark Souls 2: Scholar... No comments



Samusfan461's Blog The times of change need to be upon me.
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2015-08-04 14:48:09.

Well I've been mostly playing a few games here and there at long lengths at a time. It was might and magic 6 up until I got the bad ending, at which point I decided to move onto might and magic 7, getting the good ending for 6 at a later date, however after creating a fighting/centric party and playing for several hours, the mini-game arco-mage screwed up and I shut down my pc. Now I COULD have pressed control F4.... but I forgot about that, and when I started up my pc again I found the saves were... No comments



Samusfan461's Blog Nothing like having a posse to keep a deranged cook pinned.
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2014-03-09 17:04:18.

As a preface, this clearly is not particularly impressive or amazing to post on, it was just very fun so I'm posting it for me. I've been playing Dead Rising 2 quite a bit, trying to rescue every person I could after leveling up to around 16 (That's when I began a game in earnest to try to help everyone, at this point now I am level 24). I recently had to come to plan a way to rescue a rather awesome rock group who confused zombies for raving audience members (Too lost in the music groove I guess,... No comments



Samusfan461's Blog I have a dream and I must speak it... as an excuse to post!
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2014-02-21 08:27:32.

Gaming passions is clearly not a proper dream log for me to post vivid mental tales with, but I write them down virtually never and I find I'd like to post this one for some sake of prosperity. My mind had taken the general concept of the game "Papers, Please." , and put it in a medieval fantasy scenario. I believe I was a ghostly observer then part of the line, watching a scene unfold involving a knight of unknown name, who from what little I knew had been questioning some corruption in the kingdom... No comments



Samusfan461's Blog Games games, so many bought games...
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2013-09-16 05:05:30.

Well I am back and buried in games. I've been looking through and buying on both GOG and Steam quite a bit on their sales recently, getting a slew of games and burying myself up to my neck in hours of entertainment. The ones I have been enjoying quite a bit recently include Might and Magic 6, as part of a pre-ordered MM - X legacy special on Steam.... the latter game unfortunately BARELY working as it lags horribly, despite my computer having some pretty decent power backing it up. I have been... 3 comments



Savemejeebus's Blog Video games i want
Posted by Savemejeebus on 2013-08-09 11:34:26.

Xbox 360 Bioshock Infinite Castle Crashers Crysis 3 Dead Island Riptide Defiance Gears Of War Judgement Hitman Absolution LA Noire Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Skyrim - Dragonborn Terraria The Walking Dead Tomb Raider Transformers Two Worlds 2 PS3 DC Universe Online Dust 514 God Of War 3 Killzone 3 Last Of Us Little Big Planet 2 Metal Gear Solid 4 3DS Black and White verison 2 HeartGold Monster Hunter 3 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Paper Mario Sticker Star Platinum Zelda:... One comment



Samusfan461's Blog The dead have risen and return to post.
Posted by Samusfan461 on 2013-05-05 08:42:16.

Another looong gap before I had remembered to post on this blog, god I am a sad sap. So that which is new; I have bought a few games lately, one which is Torchlight 2, solid rpg I feel, I've been enjoying it quite a bit, well designed and nicely balanced. I'm not sure which class I lean towards the most, though embermage has some good fun, but so does the Engineer, and the other classes are not bad. Been re-gaining my loot in Terraria trying to really "beat" it as well as create some nifty... No comments



Steel77's Blog Proof Xbox 720 will not only decimate the PS4 but completely dominate the majority of households in a few years after its release.
Posted by Steel77 on 2013-03-31 01:48:02.

XBOX 720 NEWS! it wasn't just barely announced and in fact when the information was first released Microsoft not only denied the information they actually got their lawyers involved and had it pulled from the site that published it. That however did not stop the document from spreading around however. I do find it amusing however that the concept seems to have been forgotten despite one key seemingly unrelated announcement. What am I talking about? None other than a document supposedly detailing... No comments

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